Foods To Avoid If You Have Been Diagnosed With Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition in which you have redness, inflammation, and pustules on different areas of the face. It usually affects women, but it can also affect men as well. Men may notice symptoms of rosacea primarily on the nose, in which the nose is inflamed and appears swollen. Women may notice the signs of rosacea on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. For both men and women, it may be caused by what you are eating. [Read More]

Teenager Have Acne? What They Can Do About It

It's difficult to be a teenager these days with social media and the ability to spread photos or information quickly from person to person. It can be even more difficult for a teenager who struggles with acne issues. If your teenager has issues with acne, there are things you can do to help them and things they can do themselves to help. Getting your teenager to the dermatologist is one thing that should be done immediately, as some types of acne may need medical creams or ointments. [Read More]

3 Signs You Should Visit A Dermatologist

Your skin is the largest and most visible organ. As years go by, it's likely to undergo numerous changes due to the rigors of life. For that reason, you need to take care of it by working with a competent dermatologist. Like most people, you might not know when to book an appointment. Discussed in the article are the signs you should look out for. 1. Abnormal Moles In most cases, moles are nothing much to worry about since they are relatively common and usually harmless. [Read More]

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Dermatologist

No matter how old you are or what your skin type is, it is a good idea to see a dermatologist once a year for a checkup. They can assess the condition of your skin and detect issues that you may have missed. Your appointment is also a great opportunity to ask your dermatologist questions. Here are a few questions you should ask during your next appointment at a dermatologist clinic. [Read More]